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Our Story

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Started operations in September 2020 during the global pandemic.

We are a Malaysian-born and bred business now serving Malaysia, Singapore and Australian e-commerce businesses. 


We offer only one service - email marketing. We aim to be the email marketing arm for your business. Consult, strategy, execution, building etc.

A team of email marketers and copywriters looking to bring email marketing affordable and available to all e-commerce businesses in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia.


To be the leading email marketing agency in South East Asia and Australia.


We help e-commerce businesses build a loyal following via email direct marketing.

We also aim to close the knowledge gap in the market on email marketing. The first myth to debunk? Email does not give you 36x or 42x ROI.


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Discover what MailLander can do for you. We use email marketing solutions to help you understand your customer, convert website visitors and maximise customer lifetime value.

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