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133% increase in Revenue from RM405,093/month to RM941,796/month with Email Marketing.

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

Disclaimer: Results will vary from eCommerce stores but the principles remain the same.

What will you get away with after finishing this post? Actionable steps to apply instantly to your eCommerce business.

To make things simple, EM can be broken down into 2 broad sections: Automations (automated emails) and Campaigns (emails that you send manually).

From this case study, you can see that in October, Automation Flow contributed to 31% of the total revenue while Campaigns contributed to only 3%. In November, Automation Flow made up 34% and Campaigns made up of 9%. Ideally, it’ll balance out to an even split of 15%.

Rule of thumb: Email should contribute to roughly 30% of your total monthly revenue. Anything above is a bonus but it also means you’re churning out your existing lists and not making enough from new ones.

Under RM100k/month Revenue eCommerce store, you should have:


1. Welcome Series (non-buyers)

2. Abandoned Checkout (not the same as abandoned cart)

3. Browse Abandonment (for those who view your product but did not purchase)

4. Customer Thank you (post-purchase series, ALWAYS thank your customer)


Send 1-2 emails a week is more than enough! Over sending will destroy your list.

RM100k/month to RM400k/month:


Same as above plus

5. Abandoned cart

6. Site Abandonment

7. Post-purchase nurturing series


2-3 emails per week! Again, do NOT send to everyone in your list. Only segmented list as sending to everyone means sending to NO ONE.

Pro tip: Best segment to send to is = People who open at least once in the last 30 days or clicked at least once in the last 30 days and email is NOT suppressed.

RM400k/month and above:


Previous 7 flows plus

8. Birthday Flow (optional)

9. VIP Flow

10. Cross Sell/ Up sell

11.0 Taggings

12.0 Unsubscribe Hosted Pages

And more…


3-5 emails per week. Again, to different segments and groups. If you’re doing this much, you should have an ~80k+ email list to work with and there are lots you can do.

Now the details!


How many emails per Automation Flow? Up to you! We have 5 emails for Welcome Series, 9 emails for Abandoned Checkout, etc…

Why so many?

We test everything! From the time of sending (1 hour vs 2 hours, 9:30am vs 11am, and more) to headlines (emoji vs no emojis, power words vs no power words, personalizations).

Testing is our greatest weapon as to why we can hit such crazy numbers with email Automations. Never a set a forget, always optimising!

The content of the email depends on your brand tone and more. We have tested a lot to know which is the right language to use. So keep testing!


What to send?

In general, if you’re sending to the most engaged audience, send value emails. Educate them about your products, why you use certain ingredients, address their pain points and how your product solves them. (even in the fashion and luxury niche, they will have a pain point – FOMO on the latest in thing!)

Please. Do. Not. Sell.

This is how you create a cult-like following and convert non-buyers to loyal customers.

Again, the exact content depends on your audience (research!).

I hope this is not too long and it gives you a brief idea on what to write and how to set up your automated email system!

If you have any questions, send me a message! I’m more than happy to share some stuff over 🙂

Take care!

p/s: this formula works even for eCommerce stores which are doing close to RM3mil a month in revenue. Principles don’t change, only tactics do.

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