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$450k increase in revenue - from $800k to $1.25m/month with email marketing.

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

A full case study breakdown.

Target market: Majority females

AOV: $105

Time taken: 45 days+

A full blueprint into the exact automation used to help this store skyrocket. Let’s get into it.

Flows that were set up:

  1. Welcome Series optimised for Mobile (7 emails)

  2. Welcome Series optimised for Desktop (7 emails)

  3. Abandoned Checkout (9 emails)

  4. Abandoned Cart (4 emails) – not the same as Abandoned Checkout

  5. Browse Abandonment (4 emails) – similar to window shopping

  6. Site Abandonment (2 emails) – for those who visit but did not look at your products

  7. Customer Thank you (5 emails) – every buyer will have a different thank you email depending on the frequency of purchase

  8. Post Purchase (3 emails) – prompt to join social media channels / private FB groups and offer useful advice to use your products

  9. Winback Flow (3 emails)

  10. Sunset Flow (2 emails)

  11. VIP Tag Flow (3 emails) – Treat them with reward and give them status + exclusivity

  12. Anniversary Flow (1 email)

  13. Birthday Flow (1 email)

What’s in each flow:

  1. Welcome Series: Include offer/discount on first touch, introduce founders and back story (people like to support local and the underdog), USP of product and social proof.

  2. Abandoned Checkout: People want to buy, they just need a little push. Use countdown timers, reminders, social proof and how others use your product. Conditional split new vs returning customers and send repeating customers a different message. Prompt them to reach out to your customer support, people buy with emotions and they’ll love to email/talk/interact with your brand.

  3. Abandoned Cart: These are for people who add to cart but did not even reach the checkout page. Normally they are just distracted. Include urgency and timer in your email. (Highest open rate subject line we used: “Alright…Amy is about to sell your stuff”)

  4. Browse Abandonment: These are visitors who are window shopping. Give them a good selection of your best-sellers. People want what others already have.

  5. Site Abandonment: These are those who visit your website but did not view any products. Often times they do not know what to look for. Address main pain point that your product solves and display best sellers + heavy social proof.

  6. Customer Thank you: Thank your customer. Make sure repeat customers get a different message everytime! This will help build your brand and increase LTV over time. Include some humour in your thank you email, it goes a log way! (We have customers sharing thank you emails on facebook and Instagram, tagging our store.)

  7. Post Purchase: Your customers are most engaged the moment they buy from you. It’s a good time to ask them to follow you on social media, spread the words and join to a cause. Address main FAQs that buyers tend to have when first purchasing your product here. (A short eBook demonstrating product use cases is good too)

  8. Winback Flow: This is for customers who purchased 60 days ago but did not come back. Ask them to contact customer support, reach out and see how you can help. Don’t just give discounts, people buy from emotions, not just purely because it’s cheaper.

  9. Sunset Flow: Good list cleaning flow. If they do not engage with you via email, remove them from your list. 10k engaged list is better than 100k unengaged list.

  10. VIP Tag Flow: Treat your VIPs well. New product launch? Send to them first for early access. Festive season ahead? Personally wish them and create that relationship. 80/20 rule. They spend a lot. Treat them well! (Pro tip: Have a tiered reward system – badges, limited edition items after spending XX amount in store etc)

  11. Anniversary Flow: Do you celebrate your anniversary with your spouse/partner? Good. Do the same for your customers.

  12. Birthday Flow: The MOST important day of anyone’s life. Please wish them sincerely and give them a massive surprise (gift card is the best!). They’ll remember you and tell them to your friends.

We AB test all the flows from subject line, time of send, content of email, the colour of CTA and more to optimise them.

Never set and forget, always optimise.

Pro-tip to get high open rates: Purposely misspell words in your subject line. Though have to be careful to balance your brand value and results.

Questions: Comment below or email me and I'll personally get back to you.

Note: It’s on 3-day conversion window.

Copy this strategy and profit! 🚀

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