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How to generate 48% ($97k) extra revenue for your eCommerce store with email marketing

No, you don’t need 10+ flows that I have shared in one of the blog posts. All you need is 5 flows + sick campaign ideas.

Yes, 5 email flows! (takes about 1 week to set them up at the bare minimum).

Flows you should include:

1. Welcome Series (5 emails – introduce your brand and best sellers). This goes well with your website pop-ups.

Winning subject line:

  • Welcome to [Brand Name]

  • We’re excited you’re here!

  • Your surprise code is inside

2. Abandoned Checkout (9 emails – remind them, include lots of reviews and real-life Instagram posts from users)

Winning subject line:

  • Okay, Darren is about to sell your stuff…

  • We saved these items for you…you left it behind?

  • Our customer support is ready (in case you want your items)

3. Browse Abandonment (4 emails – this is similar to window shopping. Show them reviews of that product and best sellers)

Winning subject line:

  • We saw you checking these out

  • Is this what you like?

  • The items you were looking at are selling out!

4. Customer Thank You (4 emails – PLEASE SEND THANK YOU EMAIL. They trusted you and your brand, express your love and gratitude, it goes a long way! Introduce founders, vision, social tags and more.)

Winning subject line:

  • Thank you [First name], this means a lot to us!

  • You’re kidding, YOU again? Thank you!

  • We’re lost for words.

5. Post Purchase (2 emails – since they’re waiting for your product to arrive, teach them how to best use your products, give out free eBook or instructions. This goes a long way.)

Winning subject line:

  • We’re here to help you!

  • Few tricks that save you time when using our product.

There are hundreds of different campaigns you can run. I’ll give a few and feel free to experiment and try them out!

  • Best-seller campaign

  • Customer Testimonials campaign

  • Sales/Promotions campaign

  • Refer a Friend campaign

  • Product Launch

  • Product Feature

  • Educational

  • Blog Post

  • and more…

Only send campaigns to your most engaged list. If you send to everyone, it’s the same as sending to no one!

Engaged list = Those opened at least once or clicked at least once in the last 30 days and email is not suppressed.

Hope this helps. Smash it!


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